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Audio Advertising for Business Phone Lines

Media Messages Melbourne supplies businesses with professional audio productions to play on their phone lines, such as telephone message on hold programs, Interactive Voice Response Prompts, Auto Attendants and After Hour Messages. We have helped hundreds of businesses throughout Melbourne to successfully engage their callers by playing our productions through their phone lines, and they have reaped the rewards. You can too! Call us today.

Check out a recent on hold program we created for Melbourne client, Central Family Daycare.


Audio Productions

Our productions come complete with professional scriptwriting, voice overs and audio engineering - and is a professional means for businesses to communicate with their callers. We also combine each voice recording with royalty free on hold music and sound effects to give your production a fantastic impact.

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Media Messages is Melbourne's leading music on hold and on hold message provider. Our on hold audio productions incorperate Australias leading voice over artists and the latest in production music, making your messages on hold more entertaining and fresh. All our packages come with the latest digital on hold systems which are designed to work with all types of phone systems. Get you free on hold message today to see why we are the number 1 provider of music on hold in Melbourne.